Our Mission

To apply our experience to help you create a more resilient future.



What if you could see it coming?

In this time of uncertainty, volatility and change, building and maintaining organisational resilience is a strategic necessity.

Develop the skills and techniques to provide better foresight and insight to emerging risks. Use hindsight to learn from the past.


What if you were ready to face it with confidence?

Operational readiness helps you absorb shocks and drive continuous improvement and learning, so that you’re ready for anything.

Design and apply resilience through the principles of redundancy, diversity, modularity and adaptability. Adopt the practices which are proven to make organisations more resilient. Turn plans into collective know-how to deal with complex situations.



As you look to the future, What next?

Exploring future scenarios can help you adapt and find new paths to mitigate strategic risks.

Embed resilience thinking and design into your future strategy and operations. Apply oversight to ensure resilience is built and maintained for long-term performance and success.

How we can help you

ResilienC works with clients across diverse sectors on Organisational Resilience, Operational Readiness and Strategic Risk Mitigation.

Our services include scenario analysis and contingency planning, resilience by design, modelling and stress testing, war gaming, crisis planning and major event readiness, post-event review and crisis leadership training.

We work with organisations to help them be better prepared for high impact events, providing practical advice on Strategic Risk scenarios and mitigations. We focus on enhancing Organisational Resilience through strategy, operations and risk management, and driving continuous improvement and learning through Operational Readiness.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Rick for more than 15 years. His insight, expertise and ability to dissect problems are superb. His thoughtful, inclusive approach stimulates creativity and helps motivate and focus teams to take on and overcome complex challenges efficiently. I see the term 'thought leader' thrown around all the time these days, but Rick is the real deal. This is remarkable in itself, but combined with his ability to actually deliver in the real world makes him really standout amongst his peers."
Russell Price, Chairman, Continuity Forum
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