About ResilienC

ResilienC works with clients across multiple sectors on Organisational Resilience, Operational Readiness and Strategic Risk Mitigation.


ResilienC was established by Rick Cudworth following a successful career as a Partner within the Big 4 consultancies for over 20 years.

Rick is an experienced and recognised Organisational Resilience, Operational Readiness and Strategic Risk Mitigation Consultant, with a proven track record in helping organisations improve their resilience. He is Chair of the British Standards Institution Technical Committee for Continuity & Resilience, and a member of the Cabinet Office Behavioural Science Expert Group as part of the National Security Risk Assessment process for the UK. Rick has also contributed to and was an editor of the National Preparedness Commission’s Report: ‘Resilience Reimagined: A practical guide for organisations’, published in March 2021 in collaboration with Cranfield University and Deloitte.


ResilienC has a sister brand, The Griffin Consultancy, which specialises in crisis and issues management and communication.

Set up by Andrew Griffin in 2020, the consultancy helps organisations bring order and simplicity to adversity and complexity with an approach to crisis and issues management that is simple, effective, and agile. It advises on how to: build a flexible crisis capability that works, so you are prepared, trained and ready for anything; respond to live issues and crises, providing the advice and guidance you need in the most difficult of circumstances; recover from the experience, learning lessons and changing for the better. In his 25 years as a crisis, issues and reputation adviser, Andrew Griffin has helped some of the world’s biggest companies and most trusted organisations respond to adversity. A former CEO of crisis and issues specialists Regester Larkin and Partner in Deloitte's Reputation, Crisis and Resilience practice, he supports clients across all sectors, working with Boards, senior executive teams, communications teams and resilience functions.

For more information about The Griffin Consultancy, please click here.


Charlotte Thompson-Hall

Charlotte is an experienced strategist who has spent the past 16 years helping to put risk mitigation, resilience and operational readiness at the heart of business models. She has extensive experience in planning for the success of strategies and events as well as responding to unforeseen situations.

Charlotte has been involved in national and global Olympic Games planning since London 2012. As a member of Team GB’s Senior Leadership Team, she helped navigate the organisation through the turbulent times of the pandemic to achieve continued medal successes.

Prior to Team GB, Charlotte was a Deloitte strategic risk and resilience specialist working in the sporting sector and the Critical National Infrastructure sectors of finance, government and energy. She worked with several banks and pension providers supporting them to meet regulatory requirements. She is a recognised operational readiness expert, and has designed and executed over 200 crisis exercises, ranging from operational desktop exercises to strategic global C-Suite simulations.


Arianna Brangman

Arianna is a recent graduate of King’s College London and holds a M.A. in Intelligence & International Security, and two B.A.s in Psychology and International Relations from the University of Michigan. In addition to global and political risk assessment, she brings an extensive knowledge of different cultures, and has studied resilience in countries such as Japan and Kosovo.

As a risk analyst she combines a global perspective of current world issues with an up-close focus on the distinct challenges surrounding resilience and reputation. Her multidisciplinary education and commitment to problem-solving contribute to crafting comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of clients across various industries.

A network of experts

ResilienC works with a number of independent experts and partner agencies in strategic risk, resilience and other related disciplines to provide clients with a wide range of services


Professor Brooke Rogers OBE
Senior Advisor

Brooke Rogers is a behavioural scientist who specialises in public responses to health and security risks, helping clients and public bodies understand these responses and develop policy and communications strategies accordingly.

A professor at King’s College London, Brooke has over twenty years of experience in researching and advising on psychological and behavioural responses to possible high-impact events such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents, public delivery of first aid during extreme events, communication with vulnerable groups, community and organisational resilience, protecting crowded places, violent radicalisation, and insider threat. She has given high-level strategic advice, developed response plans and processes and provided executive leadership education and training to clients including many high profile government departments and public bodies.

Brooke chairs and participates in multiple international, national, and local science advisory groups.


Professor David Denyer
Senior Advisor

David is a leading authority on organizational resilience and leading change with over 20 years of experience gained in academia, industry and consultancy. David helps organizations to build resilience into future strategy and to develop the leadership capability not just to survive but to remain competitive and thrive in disruptive and uncertain times.

David is Professor of Leadership and Organisational Change and Strategic Business Director at Cranfield School of Management and leads the Cranfield University multi-disciplinary Resilience Grand Challenge. David’s academic papers have been cited more than 20,000 times (see Google Scholar). He recently published ‘Resilience Reimagined’ for the National Preparedness Commission (NPC) and is a member of the British Standards Institution (BSI) technical committee for organizational resilience (BS65000). Both the Academy of Social Sciences and the Economic and Social Research Council have showcased David’s work as an exemplar of excellence in research impact. He is a past recipient of UK ‘Most Influential Thinker’ awarded by HR magazine.


Hans-Kristian Bryn
Senior Advisor

H-K Bryn is a senior risk management and governance advisor focused on value enhancement and protection. He has over 20 years of partner level experience and was formerly a risk management partner at PwC, Oliver Wyman and Deloitte.

H-K works with the Boards and Leadership teams of listed and Private Equity owned companies to address complex risk management and governance challenges such as Board and Committee mandates, risk appetite, principal risks, disruption, and risk-based decision-making and planning. Examples of his recent projects include designing and delivering principal and disruptive risk workshops, establishing, reviewing and updating the risk management and governance structures for listed companies, and enabling Private Equity owned companies to be IPO ready from a risk management perspective.

H-K is a recognised thought leader and his publications cover disruption, resilience, risk appetite, ESG, planning and decision-making and governance design.

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